The profound benefits of visiting a Chiropractor

There are many reasons that can lead one visiting a chiropractor (chiropractoranchorage.org), whether you want to get you head adjusted, treated on low back pains, or anything that is troubling your body. There are also many ways that a chiropractor can help you stay healthy by making simple adjustments that can leave you happy and relieved from all your pain.

ChiropractorWhen you take care of your spine, your whole nervous system is also taken care of and you stand to gain health wise. That is why there are many benefits to visiting a chiropractor to have your back pains and spinal pains checked on a regular basis.

In the past weeks, I was battling with back pains and my nervous system was out of line. My muscles and skeleton were totally out of their proper position. This lead to great stress on my body and I had to visit a chiropractor for help. The special care and immediate response was astounding, I was directed to a comfortable bed.

I had doubts that I would be given certain medication that would not go well with my body, but that was not the case; I was actually made to feel at home, while I told the chiropractic where my pain was originating. With great precision, I was told to stay on the bed and examination was conducted.

Suddenly my fear vanished as soon the chiropractic started massaging my back and I could feel tension going away and that massage was quickly being registered in my mind. Within seconds I could manage the stress and tension that was emanating from my back.

Over time I was able to tilt and curve my back with ease; my posture has also improved and the sudden pain has all gone. I feel like I have been given a new lease of life; no matter what I do with my back, I feel no pain at all. My mood is now improved and now I can bend over and conduct my activities with strength, this is because of a Chiropractor.

I have notice tremendous change with my back and I can stand for long hours; all the physical therapy could not fix it and pain killers could not make me feel better, but thanks to a Chiropractor. I am still amazed by how this treatment has helped me.

If you have back pains or you get periodic pains after hunching over your phone, you should visit a Chiropractor to get checked. You will sleep better and improve your immune system as well. You will be treated with non surgical treatment and you will be okay before you know it.

You will also get the opportunity to be educated on the proper ways that you can prevent back pains and neck pains in the future. It pays to visit a Chiropractor to have your spinal adjusted and get you life in the right manner it should. You do not have to suffer any more with back pains or neck pains, while you can take that bold step to see a Chiropractor for help.

What is the The Horstmann Technique?

Horstmann TechniqueThe Horstmann Technique of Ileo-Sacral Release, Arm and Shoulder Release, and Foot Release therapies are bodywork techniques which facilitate healing through the release of energy blockages. The Horstmann Technique was developed by Trish Trowbridge, an accomplished natural therapist and herbalist who has practiced in Australia for 19 years. Trish found that this new therapy led not only to positive structural changes, but also to the release of emotional and behavioral problems. The method is unique for its simplicity and ease of use. It is a remarkably effective technique for the release of physical and psychological pain.

How does the Horstmann Technique Work?
The various release techniques involve holding specific points on the client’s clothed body while gently maneuvering the client’s legs or arms. For a majority of clients, this results in increased joint and muscle flexibility as well as a reduction in physical or structural problems. Most clients report a decrease in tension, and some experience release of problematic emotional patterns.

How does the Horstmann Technique compare to Massage
or physical therapy?
Like massage, this therapy can loosen tight muscles, remove physical and energetic blockages and leave you feeling relaxed. Unlike massage, the Horstmann Technique involves no rubbing or kneading of the muscles and is done with the client fully clothed.
Like physical therapy, the Horstmann Technique uses movement and passive stretching to improve circulation, freedom of movement and range of motion. Unlike physical therapy, which may require a long course of treament, you may experience immediate results utilizing the Horstmann Technique.

What results can I expect?
The Horstmann Technique can be a remarkable catalyst for change. Each person has different needs and responds to this work uniquely. Some leave a session simply feeling more relaxed and at peace. Others spontaneously heal from long-term illnesses. Most notice distinct physical improvements after each session. All these changes come about quickly, easily, and usually painlessly. You may continue to experience physical and emotional changes up to three days after a session.

How should I prepare for a session?
Wear sweatpants or tights and a T-shirt or other loose-fitting top to allow full, easy movement of your limbs. You will be asked to fill out a brief medical history which we review together.

Paperwork and discussion take approximately 20 minutes and the work takes about 1 1/2 hours for a full experience of the Release Technique.

Acupuncture works to support you in your weight loss goals works to support you in your weight loss goals

Acupuncture weight loss Acupuncture works to support you in your weight loss goals or to help you maintain your ideal weight. Group acupuncture can work with any weight loss program whether it is structured program or your own plan. Acupuncture can help you curb your appetite and strengthen your resolve to stick with it.

Here is what is involved:

You may come 1-3 times a week for a 45-60 minute ear acupuncture treatment, where you will have 5 needles placed in each ear while sitting in comfortable chair.

How it works:

First: There is actually a point on the ear called the Appetite Control Point (Hunger Point). When this point is needled along with two or three other auricular points (Ear Shenmen, Point Zero and the Tranquility point) cravings are reduced and the appetite is suppressed.

Second: Stress causes your body to send messages to different organs which trigger the need to eat. Acupuncture releases stress by stimulating the body to increase endorphins, the body’s own “feel-good” pain-relieving chemicals. As your mood improves, so does the regulation of food intake. With less stress, your body can begin to rebalance the body’s systems, making it more efficient in losing weight and staying happy and healthy.

What is lymphedema

What is lymphedema?
Lymphedema is a swelling of a body part, most often an extremity, resulting from an accumulation of fluids, in such proportions to be palpable and visible.   Lymphedema occurs when the lymph vascular system is not able to fulfill its function of reabsorption and transport of the protein and lymph load.   Lymphedema occurs whenever lymphatic vessels are absent, underdeveloped or obstructed.

lymphedemaThe condition often causes embarrassment and decreased mobility, discomfort and often repeated episodes of infection, cellulitis and lymphangitis.   This can lead to depression and to general worsening of the patient’s life and health.

Fungal infections can be very frequent and these place a greater load on the lymphatic.   Severe cases are associated with thickening of the skin, hardening of the limbs (fibrosis), leakage of lymph and massive swelling (elephantiasis).

What is the lymphatic system?
Nutrients entering our bodies are transported by arteries and capillaries to tissue cells which are surrounded by interstitial fluid.   The nutrients must pass through this fluid before reaching the cells.   After metabolism, the cells dump waste products back into the fluid for removal by the venous blood capillaries and by a system of lymphatic vessels.

The lymphatic vessel system must drain the interstitial fluid of everything else.   This includes the water (plasma) not resorbed by the venous reflow, plus unusable or waste matter such as proteins, bacteria, long chain fats, dusts (from coal and glass), dyes, dead cells and cell parts, mutant cells, etc.

These substances are considered to be Lymph Obligatory Load (LOL).   Once the LOL enters the lymphatic system it is called lymph.   Unlike the blood which circulates, lymph flows only one way.   The lymph vessel system carries tissue fluids as well as metabolic waste from the tissue.   Lymph is a clear, colorless fluid which originates in the tissue space.

Lymph is then transported through the lymphatic vessel system to lymph nodes where it is filtered and cleaned before returning to the blood circulatory system.   Since the lymphatic vessel system has no pump (heart) of its own, movement of lymph is accomplished through a combination of forces, including good diaphragmatic breathing, arterial pulsation, skeletal muscle contractions, and peristaltic contractions.

If the lymphatic system fails or is impaired due to surgery, radiation, disease, or trauma, swelling can occur in the interstitial spaces increasing the distance between capillaries and cells.   If proper drainage does not occur, cells are exposed to an undernourished, toxic environment.   Disease can be the result.   Therefore, it is crucial for the lymphatic system to function efficiently.

How does lymphedema occur?
A stagnation of protein develops in the tissue.   This raises the colloid osmotic pressure and a protein-rich edema arises.   There are more protein rich fluids in the tissue than can be transported and the proteins attract water by osmosis.   The affected area becomes swollen and uncomfortable.   This swelling decreases oxygenation of the tissues, interferes with their normal functions and makes them heal more slowly than normal.   The excess protein also serves as a stimulus for chronic infection and can result in formation of excess fibrous tissue.

Lymphedema is a chronic, and if left untreated, progessive condition.   It can, however, be brought under control by appropriate treatment and care.   Lymphedema may be due to a primary (congenital) cause or a secondary cause including removal of the lymph nodes or trauma.

Factors that contribute to lymphedema include:

  • Combined surgery and radiation treatment.
  • Combined surgery and post-operative infection.
  • Obesity.
  • Infections such as insect bites and athlete’s foot.
  • Sedentary life-style.
  • Constrictive clothing or jewelry.
  • Heavy breast prosthesis.
  • Trauma to lymphatics (emotional, sunburn, surgery).
  • Recurrent tumor.

Impacts of lymphedema on an individual include:

  • Swollen body part or limb.
  • Heaviness and limitation of motion.
  • Repeated episodes of infection.
  • Skin thickening, lymph leakage through skin.
  • Condition generally worsens over time.
  • Multiple hospitalizations.
  • General depression.

Treatment of Lymphedema
Lymphedema is a serious condition, indicating that the lymph system is unable to handle the lymph load.   Treatment should begin as soon as lymphedema is diagnosed.   The goal of treatment is to reduce the swelling and facilitate the flow of lymph fluid to the venous circulation of the affected area.The most effective approach used by therapists in many European countries is a method called COMBINED or COMPLEX DECONGESTIVE THERAPY; a four-step process, carried out over a four-week-period.   The individual elements are as follows:

1. Massage Therapy – patients receive Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage once or twice a day to remove excess fluid and protein.   MLD stimulates lymphangions to increase their activity, which results in a decompression and emptying of obstructed lymphatic channels.

2. Compression Therapy – Bandaging of the affected limb follows each MLD session.   This is a precise procedure using specific bandages and interfacing materials.

3. Remedial Exercises and Breathing Techniques – further promote venous and lymphatic flow by activating the muscle and joint pumps.

4. Skin Care and Hygiene – Excellent skin cleansing with antibacterial washes and neutral balanced pH lotions help to eliminate bacterial and fungal growth.

5. Compression Garments – After optimal reduction of the limb is reached, the therapist measures and fits the client with a quality compression garment to maintain the reduction of the swelling.